59 – Accessing The Halls of Amenti with Ascended Master Melchizedek

59 – Accessing The Halls of Amenti with Ascended Master Melchizedek

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In this meditation, with the assistance of Ascended Master Melchizedek and the Arcturian Emissaries of Light, explore the Halls of Amenti, which lies near the centre of our Earth. Tap into the different levels of soul frequencies required to free you from suffering, access bliss and the sacred keys to the universe.

These sacred keys allow access to neighboring universes.

  • Activate your light body merkabah.
  • Anchor the vibrations of the higher chakras for awakening of the interstellar body.
  • Anchor the correct multi-universal body’s axational alignments
  • Activate the sacred geometry points within the physical body that enables you to experience the Christed energy fields.

The Halls of Amenti hold the esoteric knowledge of ancient advanced healing techniques, transfiguration, the Akashic records and the potential to access the soul frequencies for immortality.Learn how to tap into the Halls of Amenti energy fields for protection, healing, hidden information about your own soul’s destiny. Awaken your ability to discern and tap into different hidden energetic energies your soul already holds.


Track 1 – Meditation – Female Voice Only


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