56 Lord Sananda – Soul Empowerment Meditation

56 Lord Sananda – Soul Empowerment Meditation

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Welcome to No.56, within the series of trance-channelled angel guided meditations, through Avatara Jill Harrison.

This is only the second time we have had the pleasure and honour of receiving Lord Sananda, who brings us, Soul Empowerment.

He remains very selective, as to when he steps forward to bring his teachings, so we know the message is always very powerful when he does. This meditation was part of a live webinar, where Jill channels live, once a month, to an international audience.

It is very important to Lord Sananda, that you understand he is not the person who will bring you salvation. His message is to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth; to find your own enlightenment, your own empowerment, and to recognise that the power truly does lie within.

Spirituality requires discipline. It is important to connect to the power which lies within your heart, the core you, and how important it is to feel your way with your heart, energies and feeling, not thought.

He teaches the power of breath, and will show you the correct method of drawing in the breath to fully oxygenate the body, helping you to eradicate dis-ease. Learn with the power of breath, to change the environment or the energies that are coming into your etheric and astral levels.

To hi-light the significance of this breath, it is very important to listen to the pre-meditation message prior to commencing the meditation. This message also contains information, perhaps unknown before now, about the early years of Lord Sananda’s incarnation as Jesus.

Learn the importance of bringing in a specific light colour, and filling your chakras with this light. It is as important to you as the oxygen that you breathe.

We are all beings of immense power, but it is only by believing in, and then tapping into this power, that you can hope to make miracles happen in your life.

This meditation is about the power of choice. Choosing to focus only on those things that serve you, and move you forward in life. This of course includeswho you choose to spend your time with. Do they add to your life, or do they take from your life. Your choice.

Allow Lord Sananda to dispel the myth of what you perceive evil to be, and how you self sabotage when you choose to operate on a lower energy threshold.

This is truly powerful information, that only you can choose to embrace, and change your life for the better.


1. Introduction   –   Glenn   04:05
2. Pre Med Message   –   Glenn    06:36
3. Meditation   –   Glenn    24:50
4. Meditation   –   Jill    27:36


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