55 Archangel Michael – Healing in the Crystal Temple Meditation

55 Archangel Michael – Healing in the Crystal Temple Meditation

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Specifically channeled from Archangel Michael to help you find balance in your life.  In this Archangel Michael meditation he reminds you that you can create and change your life, your world and experience joy if you are willing to step into the role of the cosmic creator.Archangel Michael’s energies are infused in this powerful meditation, they will help you cross over from insecure to secure. This meditation will give you the tools to overcome such issues as:-

  • Self-doubt
  • Fear
  • Loss of focus and direction
  • Loss of feeling grounded and strong
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Excessive mental stimulation
  • An inablity to find direction
  • Inability to take action

As spirit having a human experience, you are permanently in a state of unfoldment; a state of evolution. It is important to maintain balance within the mind, body and spirit as your journey, called life, unfolds, as only when you are balanced can you move into an empowered state and connect with the authentic self.

There will always be those things that cause you discomfort and test your emotional strength, and although this is all part of the human experience. by discovering how to tap into the authentic self and connect with the divine power that lies within all of us, you have a greater ability to control who and what in life can affect your life experiences.

In this wonderful meditation, trance-channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison,Archangel Michael offers you an Energy Healing Meditation, learn how to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

This will help you to expand your consciousness, achieve greater focus, become conscious of what your creating so that you can take powerful action and flow with the creative energies within the universe.

The more you work with Archangel Michael the more you can access your authentic power, and discover the ability to achieve more, experience more and possess the ability to make your vision of your future become more a reality.

Archangel Michael brings you an opportunity to release feelings of pain, doubt, loneliness and illness, with the help of your angelic helpers.

Working with Archangel Michael’s energies, and the energies of the violet flame, and the Golden Pyramid, will allow you to release feelings of guilt, and sadness. Allow yourself to release all fears of not being good enough, of not being able to please all the people, all the time.

You will have the chance to work on a third eye energy connection, helping you tobecome a master visionary, by removing any blockages that stop you from letting go of your past and your ability to see the future.

It is important to know that you are cared for, loved, protected and encouraged to be all that you can be. Feel and use Archangel Michael’s strength, and know there is nothing you cannot do. There are no obstacles that you cannot overcome. For when you connect with your heart, you are connected to your higher authentic self, which will guide you to do what is best for you in alignment with divine will.

This meditation with regular use will help,  you to expand and move into transforming the self, this is a must if you are seeking life power tools to help you become and move into the life you dream of for yourself.

Tracks: –

1. Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
2. Meditation  –  Glenn   25:41
3. Meditation  –  Jill   28:43


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