53 Mary Magdalene – Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation

53 Mary Magdalene – Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Meditation

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Once again we connect with the beautiful energy that is Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, with Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts, trance-channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison.

This is an angel guided meditation to help you understand your purpose, and awaken you to your spiritual gifts, as they become more apparent and enhanced.

A soul’s duration upon planet Earth, is a spiritual process, a way for the soul to experience spiritual evolution, through exploring and developing personality, whilst mastering life experiences.

Life offers every possibility for you to experience whatever you want, but it is you who has to acquire the talents, the knowledge; and put them together with your experiences to make things happen in your life.

We all have different lessons, and each of us will experience them differently, but understand that God, light, the one conscious energy, never puts limits on how you can use your life.

Part of this unfolding and evolvement of the self, includes awakening and connecting with your own spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are abilities, or enablements, given by God, light, the one conscious energy, to assist in your soul’s journey, called life.

See these gifts as roles, assignments, functions; a divine capacity to do something. These abilities, which will always feel innate and natural, may include having the gift of teaching others, encouraging and empathising, care for the needy, communicating, prophesy, healing, generosity that goes beyond the act of normal giving, and leadership, amongst many others.

They are not necessarily special abilities, but attributes given individually by the Divine. Once you have a sense or knowledge of what they are, the challenge is to be encouraged to strenghthen your ability in a way that serves God, light, the one conscious energy, through the people you find yourself connecting with.

Share your time, your presence, your knowledge. It is through acts of kindness that you become in touch with the divine world.

Don’t look at your abilities and natural talents alone, and serve only in areas you feel competent, if you do you’ll eliminate yourself from significant areas of service. We are called to serve and assist others even in spite of our weaknesses.

This fabulous meditation connects you with the energies of many great Ascended Masters and Archangels, each bringing their energy and support.  They work by flooding the body with varying colours, connecting and aligning chakras,  to help you resonate to your higher soul vibration level, to maintain and promote healing, and to clear you of all group consciousness negativity.

Mary Magdalene asks you to connect, listen, and feel the serenity and peace of the spiritual connection that you have. She urges you to listen to the peacefulness, for it is in the peacefulness, that you find spirit.

Our connection to spirit is unique to each of us, but she says ultimately, some of you will hear them. Some of you will perceive spirit as thoughts in your head. Some of you will feel their touch, and some of you will be honoured enough to see them manifest before you.

Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts, your natural talents, and seek to master your spiritual practices.


1. Introduction   –   Glenn    04:05
2. Meditation   –   Glenn     26:15
3. Meditation   –   Jill     28:34


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