52 Archangel Michael – Crystal Attunement Meditation MP3

52 Archangel Michael – Crystal Attunement Meditation MP3

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For many, Archangel Michael is the most familiar of all the Archangels, being one of only two Archangels to be named in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions.

When Jill Harrison first channelled Archangel Michael, he said it matters not who you are, or where you are, he is here to serve all who call on him, be it for protection, strength, courage, fortitude and truth, amongst many other things.

In this, no 52 within the series of trance channelled angel guided meditations, Jill once again connects with the mighty power which is Archangel Michael, to bring you this amazing meditation, Archangel Michael – Crystal Attunement

It is not necessary to use any tools to work with or connect with Archangel Michael, but this meditation specifically uses the energy emanation of clear quartz crystal as a tool for connecting with him. This allows something tangible to be used to assist, and more importantly, carry around with you, should you wish.  For this reason, it is very important to listen to Michael’s pre-meditation message prior to commencing the actual meditation.

In his previous connection with us, meditation no 51Archangel Michael stepped forward briefly to offer physical and emotional healing, and to urge us to always speak words of wisdom and strength, but most importantly love.

It is only in this wonderful meditation, that Archangel Michael communicates how to connect fully with him, by showing you how to attune your crystal to his energies.

He tells us, that by attuning your crystal in this way, it will hold the programme which enables you to  communicate with him. Whenever you feel afraid, whenever you are unsure of what to do next, whenever you wish to invoke his protection or healing; by simply holding your crystal, you will feel his presence.

You will also experience uplifting and healing energies within a beautiful rainbow prism of light, connecting with Archangel Michael’s army of angels. His healing powers working through each chakra; charging, balancing and resonating the energy throughout your entire body.

This meditation allows you to feel a profound oneness with Archangel Michael. To feel and connect with his kindness, compassion and his strength.

This is a truely unique meditation, not to be missed.


1.  Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2.  Pre Med Message  –  Glenn   00:32
3.  Meditation  –  Glenn   36:33
4.  Meditation  –  Jill   38:27


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