50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Meditation

50 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Wave Meditation

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Melchizedek is an ancient Ascended Master who is in charge of the Order of Melchizedek.This order is a Brotherhood Mystery School,which holds the secrets of God, The Universe and the true history of our planet. The Order of Melchizedek is working towards establishing heaven on Earth, by helping and working with those who wish to experience freedom, forgiveness, creativity, the science of alchemy and transmutation, and sacred ritual.

However you choose to walk your spiritual path, Archangel Metatron tells us, that one cannot profess to be spiritual, without acknowledging and accepting that we are all part of an infinite creator.

However you choose to call this Creator, be it All That Is, God, light, the one conscious energy, we are infinitely connected as one, and to deny God, is to deny your own spiritual nature.

In this powerful meditation, Lord Melchizedek will gently guide you to connect with the higher vibrational frequencies of light cosmic energy, brought forward from the angelic realm.

By harnessing and pulling-in this energy, you allow the light of God, light, the one conscious energy, to be awakened within the physical body.

Lord Melchizedek asks us to consider how blindly we go around each day, without acknowledging who, and what has created us.

You carry at all times, the ability to connect with God, light, the one conscious energy, but this connection starts with acknowledging and allowing yourself to enter into your heart. It is this connection, that when acknowledged, will help you understand how on a physical level, we manifest and co-create with God as one.

This meditation gives you the opportunity to converse with God, light, the one conscious energy, and ask any questions that you may wish to ask from spirit.

Honour your connection and understand that spirituality is a way of life. You are responsible for your own spiritual growth. Life isn’t something that happens to you, it is something you create.


1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Meditation  –  Glenn   25:28
3. Meditation  –  Jill   26:18


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