49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing

49 Mary Magdalene – Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing

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The Angels and the Ascended Masters continue to remind us, that there is only one true way for human beings to evolve, this, as many will already know, is to be balanced in mind, body and spirit.

It doesn’t matter who it is bringing the message, the message is always the same. To evolve, to be balanced, is to live through the heart, and be able to emanate the vibration of love to all things.

In this wonderful meditation, trance channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison, connect with the power which is, Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, as she steps forward to bring you Spiritual Guidance, Cleansing and Healing.

She wishes to help you connect with your own heart centre, and to feel the immense energy you hold within the heart centre.

Using the energies of colour, she will assist you in rejuvenating the muscular and cellular systems, to allow you to  feel vibrant, fresh, alert and uplifted.

It is through the heart that we may enjoy our connection to God, Light, The One Conscious Energy, and it is when we honour this connection, that awakens us to our fullest potential.

Each and every person plays an important and integral part in the process of evolution. The only part you have to play in this game called life, is to honour who you are. Have gratitude for the gift of life that has been given to you.

Use your wisdom, and your love, and allow the inner-voice of reason to guide you within your actions, your thoughts, and your decisions to move forward.

There are many who continue to be daunted by the stresses and strains of everyday living, but again, spirit remind us; that which does not test you, does not help you to grow stronger.

Mary Magdalene urges you to not be afraid of the responsibilities that lay before you. No matter how daunting your life may seem, or how hard; listening to God, Light, The Conscious Energy within; your inner voice, will always take you the least line of resistance, and enable you to move forward.


1.  Introduction  –  Glenn    04:05
2.  Meditation  –  Glenn   30:01
3.  Meditation  –  Jill   32:42


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