47 Archangel Metatron – Shamanic Spiritual Guidance Meditation

47 Archangel Metatron – Shamanic Spiritual Guidance Meditation

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Sometimes, as humans, we do not see how our words can harm another soul. Our irrational moments; our outbursts of anger; our cruel words; we do not connect with another person’s eyes, to see the hurt that can be inflicted.

The people whose lives we share, need help, need assistance, need love.

In this powerful meditation; trance channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison, Archangel Metatron brings us Shamanic Spiritual Guidance, to help you become conscious of who you truly are.

He will reveal to you, aspects of yourself which you need to let go of. For you must be able to recognise those aspects, that no longer serve your purpose in the now, if you truly want to live the life you desire.

Archangel Metatron will guide you on a journey with spirit, taking you to meet your own personal animal spirit guide, your totembefore connecting with the energies of Mother Earth and those of the Shaman, to receive healing on many levels.

Shamans are messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds, and this meditation allows you to gain access to their knowledge, power and immense healing.

The Shaman teaches us, that, to be able to move forward in life, one must embrace all life’s teachings.

To be one with life, means to be aware that when one has pain, it is spirit and soul’s way of alerting you to things that no longer suit your journey along the path called life.

When you can flow freely with life and can accept that there is an easy way, and a hard way, and you can automatically follow the right way, you will find the peace you are searching for.

Understand, that for those who experience pain or any uncomfortable feeling around the body, this hi-lights that there are blockages, and represents that you still have not let go of past issues. 

It does not serve you to hold on to those negative thoughts and feelings, which manifest in the physical as pain, tension and unrest.

Release it. Let this meditation give you purification, to help restore you to balance and wholeness.


1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Meditation  –  Glenn   31:08
3. Meditation  –  Jill   36:59


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