46 Sanat Kumara – Working with the Law of Attraction

46 Sanat Kumara – Working with the Law of Attraction

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It is easy to say that we are the creator’s of our life’s journey, but truly understanding and putting into practice this concept, is for many, much harder,

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, has already urged us all to become responsible and to take accountability for all aspects of our lives. Here, in No.46 within the series of Angel Guided Meditations, from trance- channeller Jill Harrison, he helps provide the missing connection, by helping you to understand how we work with the law of attraction to create abundance in our lives.

This meditation works in harmony with meditation No.44 – Your Spiritual Growth, which brought forward knowledge to help release you of the blocks and barriers which ‘you’ yourself have created, thus preventing you from experiencing the life you wish to have.

In this wonderful meditation, Working with the Law of Attraction, Sanat Kumara reveals where the true connection to Divine Mother Father God lies in our physical form. You’ll learn how to use your energies effectively and make your desires become a reality.

When harnessed, this energy allows you to master the energies of creation, the energy of Divine Mother/Father God.To be a master means consciously and continously choosing your actions, thoughts and words to determine the best outcome for any of your life’s situations.

Spirit are constantly urging us all to make spirituality our first and main focus. Our spiritual practices, be it prayer, meditation or behaviour are the most important aspects on this journey called life.

When your life does not seem to be flowing, and you feel that you are not in control over it, you must recognise and understand, it is because you have stopped living from within the heart and being the embodiment of love.

When you take time to connect with the Divine Mother Father God that resides within us all, then you hold that moment of creation, and the ability to use that creation at any God given moment.

Divine love is the healer of all things and only the joy of love can help you to manifest abundance in your life.

The more you connect with Divine Mother Father Godthe more quickly the law of attraction will work within your life, and then you will see how you are the Master of Life, and that things can only get better, not just for yourself, but for the whole of humanity and the beloved Earth.


1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Sanat message  –  Glenn   01:25
3. Meditation  –  Glenn   23:11
4. Meditation  –  Jill  23.57


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