44 Sanat Kumara – Your Spiritual Growth

44 Sanat Kumara – Your Spiritual Growth

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Sanat Kumara is the Ascended Master who leads the Brotherhood of Light; a Brotherhood of 144,000 Light Beings.

His mission is to keep alive and help thrive mankind’s connection to God, light, the one conscious energy.

He comes forward to share his wisdom with us, bringing knowledge of all things divine, in this powerful Angel Guided Meditation, Your Spiritual Growth.

Divine knowledge is sacred. It is not to be challenged or disrespected. For one to be given divine knowledge, one must be humble and respect the words, energies and intent, of God, light, the one conscious energy.

He tells us that for spiritual evolvement and growth to take place, the heart must be pure, and the mind’s intent of using the knowledge for the betterment of mankind, is the basis upon why you would wish to learn more about anything divine.

Just as your physical body grows, it is important that your spiritual body grows too, and most of the time, unhappiness comes to those who refuse to grow spiritually.

Life offers every possibility for you to experience whatever you want, but it is ‘you‘ who has to acquire the talents, the knowledge, and put them together with your experiences to make things happen in your life.

Sanat Kumara urges you to become responsible for your own spiritual growth. Life isn’t something that happens to you, it is something that you create.

Take a long hard look at your life and choose to be responsible; work out what is wrong and how you can move things forward.

Sanat Kumara offers this powerful meditation, working with the pure divine energy of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. In this meditation you are shown how to transcend unhappiness and negative energies, so you can grow spiritually and acquire further spiritual insights and knowledge for your life’s journey.

You will discover how to understand and learn about the principles of creation, to give you the energy to think creatively and positively, in the right way, so that, the way you envision things, you are able to make them become a reality in your life.

Speak only words of love, kindness, compassion and wisdom. Show the existence of the Divine Mother and Father through your words and actions.

Choose to live your life befitting the progress of your soul towards God, light, the one conscious energy. Choose to share your light, for the betterment of mankind. Learn how to go from worldly love, to spiritual love and remain connected to cosmic power, for the future and fate of planet Earth depends upon it.


1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Sanat Message  –  Glenn   04:45
3. Meditation –  Glenn   24.17
4. Meditation –  Jill   25.20


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