40 Lord El Morya – Third Eye Activation

40 Lord El Morya – Third Eye Activation

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This is the first meditation of two dedicated trance-channelled Angel Guided Meditations, focusing on 3rd Eye Activation. For this, Ascended MasterLord El Morya, steps forward to connect with you.

We are being constantly reminded that the path to harmony and balance is through meditation. Meditation is akin to feeding your body with life force energy, the energy of God; Light; the one-conscious energy. It is this energy which sustains you, bringing you back into balance, as you face the challenges that present themselves, as part of the ongoing ascension process.

It is only through meditation that you allow your energies to be raisedso enabling you to align with the Angelic realm.

In this in-depth guided meditation Ascended Master El Morya will take you to the Great Pyramid at Giza and using the vibrational energies of colour, you will be taken step-by-step through the process of 3rd Eye Activation.

It is important to note, that this is not a one-time only meditation to achieve sudden connection. The Angelic Realm remind us, that it is only by practising and focusing upon this area, and using the colours you are given, that will greatly enhance your ability to see, hear and connect with the spiritual realm. 

If you wish to focus on and enhance your spiritual development further, this wonderful meditation is for you. Allow Ascended Master El Morya to assist in helping you to raise your vibration so you can enjoy new levels of awareness.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
2. Meditation  –  Jill  42:09


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