38 Archangel Michael – Galactic Light Angel Alignment

38 Archangel Michael – Galactic Light Angel Alignment

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In our Archangel Michael Galactic Light Angel Alignment meditation MP3, you will be guided by Archangel Michael to work with the Vesica Piscis to help you align your energies to the Galactic Light Angels.

Archangel Michael reminds us that there are many challenges facing humanity at this time and many believe they are disempowered and at the mercy of others.

His message is simple, it is time to get REAL.

If your lives are not working, then you must have the courage to stand in your truth and state, “My life is not working!” You do not have to state why it is not working, you just to have to accept it is not working and then decide whether to continue to put up with your experiences, or make changes which will make your life work.

Standing in your truth means admitting you are in debt, admitting that you are overweight, or ill, because you eat the wrong foods, eat too much, and don’t exercise. It means admitting you are wrong, or that you lied, or that you stole something.

Standing in your truth is liberating, it sets you free.

Archangel Michael urges us to leave the past where it is, but from this day forward, choose to stand in your truth.

Standing in your truth means you acknowledge first, be honest with yourself, then look at the options available to create lasting change.

The Archangels and the Ascended Masters understand that many lightworkers are overwhelmed, overworked, and in need of support, which is why legions of Galactic Light Angels are advancing into the earth plane to assist you.

These angels have never worked within the physical realm before. Their passion, their support, will assist in helping you remember who, and how powerful, you truly are.

This wonderful trance channelled guided meditation will assist in helping you to understand and value the true gift of life.

The energies of the Galactic Light Angelic Realm will help you with intregrating new spiritual understandings. They will assist you in maintaining faith, when all else around you is failing. They will will continue to remind you that, at all times, you have a choice.

It is time to turn away from consumerism, greed, selfish consumption and to embrace community, sharing, and respect for all living things.

Meditation is key to creating harmony and balance, and for those who wish to work with the Galactic Light Angels, and assist the Earth plane at this time, the following meditation must be followed, so that you can align your energies to their dimensional energies.

1.  Introduction – Glenn  04:05
2.  Archangel Michael Message – Glenn  16:06
3.  Meditation – Glenn  28:14
4   Meditation – Jill  28:15


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