26 Lord Melchizedek – 10th Vibrational Energy Ray

26 Lord Melchizedek – 10th Vibrational Energy Ray

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A small piece of Black Obsidian and 2 small pieces of Hematite are neccesary for this meditation.

This is a powerful meditation with Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek who will help you activate and connect to the 10th Vibrational Energy Ray of Dimensional Consciousness.

The 10th Vibrational Energy Ray is one of many light rays the Angelic realm work from,  and this ray offers you the benefit of activating your awareness, and connecting with higher vibrational energies.

To access higher vibrational energy levels, you must have released all attachments to the past, and poccess stamina to embrace your own leadership qualities, so you can anchor the higher vibrational energies into your body. We offer many angel guided meditations specific to the release of energies, which no longer serve you. You may wish to try meditations no16, Clearing and Cleansing Old Behaviour Patterns with Lady Nada,  no18, Releasing Ritual with Archangel Michael, no19, Pleiadian Healing, and no43, Emotional Healing with El Morya.

Lord Melchizedek will open and access all your chakra’s before pulling into those chakras, along the spine, the 10th vibrational energy. Using this energy will integrate the chakras of the physical, mental and astral bodies.

This energy will awaken within you, the cellular memory of you being a finely tuned, sensitive instrument; able to hear, feel, taste, smell and see things, much more acutely than before. In other words, you will begin to see the world 3-dimensionally, and additionally begin to use all your senses to create your reality.

Allow him to help you transform your energies, to enable you to have dimensional access and experience astral travel. Start to activate your senses. Awaken them to life and discover a whole new world around you.

Lord Melchizedek cautions, that once aligned to the 10th vibrational energy level, do not abuse the sacred skill, heightened awareness brings you. Do not harbour bad feelings towards anyone, for you will deeply affect their energy fields. Work towards extending love and light to all things.

This is a wonderful meditation, and regular use will awaken your cellular memory and may result in finely acute spiritual sensitivity and awareness. A truly uplifting experience.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
2. Pre Med Notes  –  Glenn  05:45
3. Meditation  –  Glenn  35:56
4. Meditation  –  Jill  32:23


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