25 Lord El Morya – Free Your Spiritual Body

25 Lord El Morya – Free Your Spiritual Body

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In this wonderful meditation, work with Ascended Master El Morya (Merlin) for guidance on your personal spiritual quest.

You will connect with El Morya and then travel with him to access your personal grid of light, to be shown vital knowledge that will assist you in your present life time. You will be shown how to release any energy strands which are creating tension within your spiritual light-body, holding you back from spiritual advancement and ultimately ascension.

El Morya tells you to always remain focused on nurturing the self. In life, it is easy to forget the self when you are so wrapped up in work, caring for others and doing what you feel has to be done. He wishes to show you how ignoring self-nurturing can affect the spiritual body.

Hold the intent to release those bonds that bind you, Free Your Spiritual Body.

In this beautiful meditation, you will also connect with Mother Earth, to receive loving and supporting energies.


  • Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
  • Meditation –  Glenn  36:17
  • Meditation –  Jill   30:31

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