21 Lord Melchizedek – Over-Active Root Chakra Therapy Meditation

21 Lord Melchizedek – Over-Active Root Chakra Therapy Meditation

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The Metatronic Spritual School presents

An Ascended Master Guided Meditation...


from Ascended Master Melchizedek

Narrated By Jill and Glenn Harrison

In order to have optimum health, and energy flow, it is necessary to keep your Root Chakra open, and at optimum speed.

You either have a balanced Root Chakra; a Blocked Root Chakra, or an Over-Active Root Chakra. We have three guided meditations for correcting and keeping the Root Chakra balanced. THIS meditation is to help you correct an Over-Active Root Chakra.


How does the root chakra become OVER-ACTIVE?

  • Poor diet
  • Emotional issues that cause the individual to be over-bearing, dominant, arrogant and dishonest.
  • Negative and cynical behaviour
  • Greed

Check list for symptoms of an over-active root chakra

  • An over-active metabolism; food does not stay in the body for too long
  • Pain or joint problems with legs, feet and hips
  • Lower back pain
  • Sexual enjoyment is achieved only through tense or aggressive sexual motions, hurried
  • Loose bowel movements
  • Inability to settle and focus on one particular thing
  • Irritability and quick to anger
  • Anxious
  • Stressed
  • Insomnia or difficult sleeping patterns
  • Dominant behaviour
  • Sarcastic and critical of others
  • Life has to run to strict time scales
  • Inflexible to change
  • Selfish and will use guilt inducing techniques to control others
  • Low self-worth
  • Very materialistic; will feel the need to inform others about the cost or value of something.
  • Will compare everything to cost or worth.
  • Will feel the need to prove they are better than someone else
  • Opinionated and arrogant
  • Does not accept criticism
  • Does not see or accept other points of view
  • Will exhibit defensive body language, such as arms crossed, pointing fingers, chopping gestures and cocky head movements

If you have 16 or more of the above symptoms, you have an over-active root chakra. If you have around 50% of the above symptoms, you have a partially over-active root chakra. This guided meditation will help you balance your root chakra.


1. Introduction –  Glenn  04:05
2. Root Chakra Explanation –  Glenn  16:53
3. Over-Active Root Chakra Symptoms –  Glenn  06:20
4. Meditation –  Glenn  19:06
5. Meditation –  Jill  22:29


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