19 The Pleiadians – Healing Meditation

19 The Pleiadians – Healing Meditation

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Work with the Pleiadian Emmisaries of Light, and experience this powerful self-healing and energy clearing meditation MP3.

They will surround you with their love, building the energies to allow your heart to open and release all your fears and pain. They will assist you in recognising the different opportunities for personal growth each situation you have encountered, offers you.

We are here on planet Earth to learn; to experience growth, love, sharing, acceptance and education. When any of these factors are missing, a soul will create experiences which offer it the opportunity to examine what it is doing, and what needs to be done, to pursue its spiritual evolution.Review your life and embrace the opportunity to move forward.

Let go of your past relationship unhappy memories. Let go of your memories of abuse, bullying, torment and shame. Break the cycle of pain forever.

If you need to release pain and negative memories of your past; this meditation with The Pleiadians, is for you. A powerful emotional release is waiting for you. Keep your tissues handy with this one 


  • Introduction  – Glenn  04:05
  • Meditation  –  Glenn  20:20
  • Meditation  –  Jill  21:55

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