16 Lady Nada – Clearing and Cleansing Old Behavioural Patterns MP3

16 Lady Nada – Clearing and Cleansing Old Behavioural Patterns MP3

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How much do you love yourself? Have you ever wondered why it is that you find it hard to love yourself, if you feel you do not? Do you think it possible to love one’s self unconditionally?

In this very important, trance-channelled, angel guided meditation MP3, Ascended Master Lady Nada offers the most important lessson relating to self-love.

To have self-love is not an egotistical thing. When a person has self-love; they are in alignment with their higher-self. When you are in alignment with your higher-self, you experience divine alignment, and you realise that living in joy can truly be mastered.

Clearing and Cleansing Old Behaviour Patternsgives you the gift of reaching your full potential.

Lady Nada tells us that, the vast majority of all ailments are born out of emotional and vibrational energy deficiencies, and when you absorb negative energies, or become negative, you rob yourself the opportunity of experiencing the very life, you would choose for yourself.

She urges you to embrace your own inner power and dis-connect from the programming that makes you dwell upon your faults. For too long, you have been told to strive for perfection, and yet you fail to realise, that the more you strive for perfection, the further from perfection you stray.

You must embrace self-love, for you cannot ‘be’ what you are ‘not’.

If you cannot love yourself, how can you give love to another?

After a channelled lesson with Lady Nada  she will show you how to cleanse your energy field and anchor light-energy into your physical body with this relaxing trance-channelled meditation.

This is a great meditation MP3 to help you remove negative old behavioural patterns so that you reach your full potential and experience joy. This meditation will help those who have issues with Self Love and Self Acceptance.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Lady Nada Message  –  Jill   05:02
3. Meditation  –  Glenn   22:21
4. Meditation  –  Jill   30:26


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