12 Lord Melchizedek – Sacred Geometry in a Quantum World : The Sphere

12 Lord Melchizedek – Sacred Geometry in a Quantum World : The Sphere

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In this powerful healing guided meditation MP3, you will experience the flow of Divine Love as you work with Ascended Master Melchizedek and begin to harness the power of sacred geometry. This particular sacred geometry guided meditation focuses upon the sphere. In this meditation you’ll be given the opportunity to increase your vitality and mental clarity. Regular use of this guided meditation will reduce any stress, anxiety or negativity issues.

Let Ascended Master Melchizedek guide you on how the sphere can help you to expand your intuition, overcome any fears or blocks you may have. Thishealing meditation will raise your consciousness and understanding of yourself and bring you deeper insight into the world around you. Utilising the power of the sphere you will become empowered so you can manifest your intent

Discover how sacred geometry can help you regenerate and transform your vibrational levels with this powerful meditation. Being able to work with geometric shapes will enhance and boost your intuitive abilities. Using this meditation MP3 will enable you to receive deeper insight into the world around youExperience the ultimate expression of unity and completeness in this trance-channelled guided meditation.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
2. Meditation  –  Glenn   24:23
3. Meditation  –  Jill   27:35


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