09 Abundance Angel Aura Spray

09 Abundance Angel Aura Spray

SKU: SP1009

100ml FOR THE PRICE OF 50ml

Do you feel blocked when it comes to manifesting success and wealth?
Would you like to manifest abundance quickly and easily?
Struggling to attract what you want into your life?

If so, the let our Abundance Angel Aura Spray help you harmonise your energy fields so that you can easily attract to you everything you want to manifest. Using our Abundance Angel Aura Spray will help you to: –

Quickly attract positive energy and experiences
Balance and harmonise your chakra energy fields so you’re not blocking health, wealth and success.
Release you from feeling stuck
Release doubt
Increase your ability to trust
Reclaim your power

This beautiful soul spray will help you to connect with universal energies of abundance and develop the correct mindset which enables you experience abundance. Continued usage of this spray will enable you to achieve and experience confidence, harmony and fulfillment in all areas of your life, particularly if used regularly with our Lord Kuthumi’s Abundance Guided Meditation.

Spray this essence into your auric field and breath in deeply to help draw the universal energies of abundance into your life. This crystal essence was given in trance to Jill Harrison by Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek.

This spray contains a blend of Benzoin, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Oakmoss essential oils.

How to use your Abundanace Angel Aura Spray.
Spray – Spray above your head, and allow the spray to cleanse your aura. Breathe in the energy assence deeply. Alternatively spray onto a handkerchief, and breathe in the aroma deeply to refresh and bring you inner peace. Spray over the bed prior to sleeping, for an angelic night of healing and restful sleep.

Oil Burner – Pour a teaspoon of the essence spray into an oil burner, add water, and allow energies of the spray to diffuse the negative eons in your environment.

Cotton Balls – Don’t have an oil burner? Spray onto a cotton wool ball, and place behind a warm radiator, or safe heating appliance, to energise your room and create a peaceful environment.

Avoid spraying into or near eyes. In the event of an accident, rinse with cold water and seek medical advice.


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