04 Archangel Metatron Confidence Angel Aura Spray

04 Archangel Metatron Confidence Angel Aura Spray

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100ml FOR THE PRICE OF 50ml

Suffer from a lack of confidence?
Need a little bit of Angel Support?

Try our Archangel Metatron Confidence Angel Aura Spray.
This Confidence Angel Aura Spray was given to Jill Harrison, by Archangel Metatron, to help you develop greater confidence.

Experience Archangel Metatron Healing!
This Archangel Metatron Angel Aura Spray will help you to develop a more assertive and confident attitude. This amazing Angel Aura Spray creates a vortex of energy, which will help to empower you whilst strengthening and re-aligning your root, sacral, solar and heart chakras. If you’re fed up of being a victim, unable to have your needs met then this confidence Angel Aura Spray will bring about feelings of empowerment and self-confidence. This Angel Aura Spray contains a blend of Cedar, Pine, Cypress, Petitgrain, Lemon, Basil Clary Sage and Gardenia essential oils.

Use it whenever you need some angelic support. This powerful angel aura spray is great when you’re about to take an exam, give a speech, or you need strength and confidence to express yourself.

​​​​​​​How to use your Archangel Metatron Angel Aura Spray​​​​​​​
Spray – Spray above your head, and allow the spray to cleanse your aura. Breathe in the energy assence deeply. Alternatively spray onto a handkerchief, and breathe in the aroma deeply to refresh and bring you inner peace. Spray over the bed prior to sleeping, for an angelic night of healing and restful sleep.

Oil Burner – Pour a teaspoon of the essence spray into an oil burner, add water, and allow energies of the spray to diffuse the negative eons in your environment.

Cotton Balls – Don’t have an oil burner? Spray onto a cotton wool ball, and place behind a warm radiator, or safe heating appliance, to energise your room and create a peaceful environment.

Avoid spraying into or near eyes. In the event of an accident, rinse with cold water and seek medical advice.

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