04 Archangel Gabriel Meditation – Finding Your Life’s Purpose

04 Archangel Gabriel Meditation – Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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Each of us struggles to find our life’s purpose. We seek it in our careers, our love lives, and, sometimes, in the wrong places.

The angels are here to help you discover everything you need in life. This includes your life’s purpose and mission.

In this guided meditation Archangel Gabriel communicates with a depth of insight into your needs, wants, desires, and life purpose.

This trance-channelled meditation will enable you to tap directly into your mind, body, and spirit. Connect with the presence of Gabriel.

Once there, you will be able to find your life’s purpose. In his infinite wisdom, Archangel Gabriel can gently, but firmly, move you to that purpose, all the while wrapping you in his wings of love, strength and safety.

  • Glenn introduces you to the meditations, explaining the purpose, process, and what to expect.
  • You can then experience the meditation listening to Glenn’s relaxing voice. Tap into your own personal communication channels with Archangel Gabriel.
  • Jill’s meditation version guides you into an even deeper meditation. See, hear, and feel the presence of Archangel Gabriel’s Universal Wisdom. Archangel Gabriel shares with you, the larger plan that life, fate, that God, light, the one conscious energy has in store for you.

This is life-affirming empowerment guided meditation designed
to help you out of the fog of confusion and fear, and 

into the brilliant light of clarity and focus.

Travel backwards and forward in your life:

– From your earliest memories, at a time when the world had not placed scales over your eyes as to your purpose.
– Into the near future, where you can see yourself living a purpose that is eternal and fulfilling with the guidance of wisdom from an Archangel.

Embrace who you are today with an angelic guide that is profound, immortal, and kind.
Place Your Order Now and get clarity on your life’s purpose!

Throughout history, angels have been the messengers of God, light, the one conscious energy. They help people the world over, to understand their purpose and guide them to a fulfilling life. This Angel Guided Meditation is a gift from an angel messenger to help you do precisely that.

From the dawn of time, mystics and the faithful, have been able to call upon their angelic selves for guidance and protection. Through this powerful-guided meditation, Jill and Glenn show you precisely how to discover your divine purpose and achieve a level of happiness that you have never felt before.

“I’m trying to shut up and let my angels speak to me
 and tell me what I’m supposed to do.” 
– Patrick Swayze

Gabriel has been a messenger of the purposes of the Universe in Judeo-Christian literature since the beginning of time. He is known by ten thousand names around the world in forms that are pleasing to the myriad of people on the planet.

The Archangel Gabriel that you will meet through this meditation is uniquely your Gabriel.
Order your Archangel Gabriel Guide Meditation today
and learn what you are truly meant to be doing.


  • Introduction  – Glenn  04:05
  • Meditation – Glenn  32:18
  • Meditation – Jill  27:44

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