03 Heart Chakra Acceptance Angel Aura Spray

03 Heart Chakra Acceptance Angel Aura Spray

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100ml FOR THE PRICE OF 50ml

Having a hard time accepting yourself, finding love, joy and happiness?

Experience Instant Heart Chakra Healing and Balancing.
Your heart chakra is located in the centre of your chest. This important chakra helps to integrate spiritual virtues such as compassion, unconditional love, joy and connection with the lower physical aspects of the soul. The heart chakra is the mediator between the physical world and the spiritual world.

This particular Ascended Master Mother Mary ‘Acceptance’ soul spray will help you to:-
Achieve a sense of fulfillment and joy
Increase your ability to give and receive love
Experience a deeper connection with others
Radiate peace and harmony
Gain the ability to forgive the self and others
Become more trusting and open
Increase your ability to experience deeper intimacy
Balance, align and strengthen the heart chakra
Release emotional pain

This ‘Accceptance’ angel aura spray will help you to activate your heart chakra, with pure unconditional love and help you to release any blocks you may have. Continual use of this spray on a regular basis will help those needing to work on healing the heart chakra.

This crystal essence soul spray was given in trance to Jill Harrison, by Ascended Master Mother Mary, to help those who feel the need for self-acceptance. The benefits of using this particular soul spray is that is will strengthen your ability to love and accept yourself. As your ability to find self-acceptance grows, so too will your acceptance of others develop. If you’re used to withdrawing from others when you get hurt, this spray will help to alleviate emotional pain, fear of rejection and fear of vulnerability. This spray contains a blend of Rose Maroc, Orange Mandarin and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

How to use your Heart Chakra Healing Angel Aura Spray.
Spray – Spray above your head, and allow the spray to cleanse your aura. Breathe in the energy assence deeply. Alternatively spray onto a handkerchief, and breathe in the aroma deeply to refresh and bring you inner peace. Spray over the bed prior to sleeping, for an angelic night of healing and restful sleep.

Oil Burner – Pour a teaspoon of the essence spray into an oil burner, add water, and allow energies of the spray to diffuse the negative eons in your environment.

Cotton Balls – Don’t have an oil burner? Spray onto a cotton wool ball, and place behind a warm radiator, or safe heating appliance, to energise your room and create a peaceful environment.

Avoid spraying into or near eyes. In the event of an accident, rinse with cold water and seek medical advice.


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