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Starseed Portal of Ascension Video Class

Welcome to this “Starseed Portal To Ascension) Mini-Master Class Webinar. For this particular programme, you are going to need a notebook or journal, a pen or pencil and a large glass of water.

In this particular programme, we are going to focus on how to work with sacred geometry to create your own Starseed Portal to assist you in your ascension process.

During part of the programme, we will be utilising the power of breath to help us align with the energies of each sacred geometric symbol and the element they represent.

Rather than focusing on seeing spirit, and communicating with spirit, we are going to focus on helping you recognise the difference between being unconnected and connected on an awareness level.

The more you can recognise the different frequencies, the great your connection and the more enlightened you will become. In each segment of this mini-class you will be given an opportunity to experience the element

Most of the work done in this mini-master class will be exercise based but we will finish off with a very relaxing mini-meditation so that at the end of all your hard work, you will feel refreshed and completely at ease.

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