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Putin - What’s Really Going On?

As the world watches and waits to see what Putin does next, I was surprised this morning during my meditation that spirit offered me insights into what is happening and I felt this is something that I needed to share with others. I had sat down this morning to just sit with spirit and nourish my soul, but it seems they wanted to share this with us, perhaps so that it fuels our hope and faith that peace is possible.

What follows is my understanding of what is happening on an energetic level with Putin, along with spirit’s insight, these are offered not to create a bias, form judgements, but to understand what is potentially unfolding so that we may perhaps be more aware of potential actions Putin could take and what other influences are taking place spirit side to try to resolve the situation we are all facing.

Currently, Putin is under severe mental pressure and he has no respite from the issues he faces, this is currently creating a lot of worries and anxieties and fueling his obsessive behaviour. However, much of this has been created to move focus away for hidden secrets that Putin does not want disclosed about himself and his past.

His closest people are already considering conspiring against him as they too, are aware of the lies which have been buried in the past which are beginning to surface. I am aware that investigations into dishonesty and corruption are already taking place within the inner walls of the Russian elite.

Putin is also struggling with health issues which will begin to become more apparent as the months progress. He is also about to experience issues with the transportation of troops within Ukraine, as equipment failure will play a big part in slowing down the ability to move further inland.

Spirit have made me aware of the considerable psychological pressure Putin is under, this is turn will lead to severe exhaustion and obsessive behaviour which is going to strain his relationships with others even more.

The Russian economy is going to face some serious issues and I am told their short-term goals will not succeed. This could force Putin to review and reopen diplomatic talks with those who have closed the door on him and Russia.

As Putin flounders to keep control, he will replace his advisors with new people to try and forge ahead, but this too will fail. Over the next few weeks Putin will begin to see his initiatives undermined. This in turn, will bring a lot of confusion to Putin, so don’t be surprised if he begins to change his goals in a bid to keep his control and position.

Putin needs to be very careful in his dealing with others, as many more will begin to view him negatively. Putin in an effort to achieve his aims is going behind the backs of a lot of his own staff and this will further add to his difficulties as resentment against him grows.

In the event of an assassination, this will most likely be whilst Putin is travelling, I was shown issues with a vehicle and due it being stuck, it created the perfect situation for Putin to be removed from office. Remember though that, when viewing things clairvoyantly, these are potentials, not definitive things that may come to pass.

Putin will within the next few days try to create and show the world he is prepared to take a firm standpoint on other countries interfering. As Russia’s economy begins to feel the effects of the world’s disapproval, Putin will be seeking others to support his ideology.

This year Putin will experience a lot of isolation and intense dark periods of loneliness, as he watches his life begin to dissolve and unravel. Don’t be surprised if Putin is rumoured to be drinking or using pills to keep himself going, as I am sense he is misusing alcohol and pills.

Should we feel sorry for Putin? Putin suffers from (according to spirit) jealousy and paranoia. He has deep-rooted psychological complexes which manifest as obsessive behaviour, which means he is becoming his own worst enemy. As his own inner demons manifest, you will see him begin to start accusing others of being evil in an effort to justify his own behaviour.

If things are left to continue, between July and September, Putin will find he has little control and power. Forces outside his control will bring to light secret associations that threaten those who believe themselves powerful and elite, these links will affect USA, UK and China. This could bring a period of extremism, violence and threats. Technology will be used to create events, to try and regain power but will fail on all sides. Spirit state between July and September it is a very fateful time for Putin. In particular, Russians will feel he has lead them blindly into a future that seems futile and empty, Putin will have no other choice but to accept the hand fate deals him.

The next few months will see Russia’s economy weakening. Resources and government administration will begin to struggle, particularly in regards to budgeting, economising and trying to find a way through the issues they face.

Putin is about to come under both emotional and economical pressure which is really going to affect his status. Putin is a proud man, and this will eat away at his own sense of self-worth and confidence, particularly as his mistrust grows of the those closest to him.

What we’re witnessing here is the crumbling and the dissolution of the old Russian socialism structures. 2025 will be the year when it completely collapses and is replaced by a collective more spiritual system which will focus on undoing the underprivileged, those who have experienced wrongful imprisonment and suffering, as the new Russia focuses on the need to create a new society which serves all.

Sadly, Russia is to experience a lot of suffering before 2025, and this will make a lasting impression on its citizens. Whilst all may seem hopeless and bad at this moment in time, it is a wonderful opportunity to find the true meaning of life and help others awaren to the need to eradicate all suffering.

Will there be a WW3? That is the question most people are asking. The answer accordig to spirit, is in our own hands. However, spirit has stated that we are currently undergoing a very deep spiritual transformation which is altering our consciousness, and the way in which we see ourselves and others. Only through mass vision on unity, love, peace, determination, coming and working together can we make a breakthrough.

We have to attain a collective vision of a world where resources such as oil, water, gas, medical support and food are shared, not owned. Our vision has to be of people coming together and embracing all that is unique by holding the desire for love and peace above all things. The collective vision has the potential to remove the power from the hands of the elite. Our future is in our own hands and the more we can do to create this awareness the better it will be for us all.

Consider holding collective prayers or meditation sessions for peace in the world. Call for peaceful, non-violent protests. The change has to begin within us all, and if we really want to see a brighter future for future generations, we cannot let this opportunity slip by and do nothing.

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