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Have you ever considered how loyal you are?

When we think about loyalty, we often think about loyalty to others, or how loyal others are to us, but what about self-loyalty?

If your time was up and you were greeted by Archangel Azrael and his team of angels to accompany you back into the spirit realm and one of the questions you had to answer truthfully was, how loyal had you been to yourself?

What would be your answer?

Self-Loyalty is where you don't lie to yourself, or put your needs on the back-burner in order to accommodate other peoples needs. Self-loyalty is about acknowledging what your inner voice says to you, about what it feels and needs.

This particular question came up for me when in a moment of grief and despair, unsure of the way forward, this question popped into my thoughts.

It kind of stopped me in my train of thought and I thought what a weird question that was. "How loyal was I to myself?"

I realised at that moment, that I have probably never been loyal to myself. I thought I had, but when I looked back over my life, I very rarely put my own needs first. In fact, most often I pushed down what I was feeling so far down, that I doubted I could even find what had been buried so deep inside me. When I did put my own needs first, I would at some stage later feel guilty or bad about allowing myself to do or give to myself.

When we are not loyal to ourselves, we fail to nurture our own inner voice, trust it above all else, and take the action to ensure our inner self, our authentic self's needs are met. Our ability to truly serve others and be the best version of ourselves is muted when we are not loyal to ourselves.

Often people will say they have faith in spirit, but when the poop hits the fan, or in real times of despair, it is amazing how deep inside we realise our faith has gone or perhaps is non-existent.

We grope our way through life wondering why it isn't working out, why our dreams aren't manifesting, we look at so many reasons and outside of ourselves to find the blame when in truth, we need to stop for a while, move into ourselves and acknowledge where we have failed to be loyal to what was unfolding within us.

I have for quite some time now been practising on being very aware of whether I am being loyal to myself. I know I am loyal to my small inner circle of loved ones, but being and learning to be loyal to myself has been and is still, to some extent, something I am still learning to do.

However here is something that I have begun to do, to help me gain a different perspective on my needs and the situations I find myself in. This little exercise has really helped me develop greater self-loyalty. So what is this little exercise?

I take a spiritual walk!

Now I don't mean I get my coat on, my walking boots on and take off on a hike. Learning to take a walk in your spiritual body is a fabulous way of contemplating and see things from a higher perspective.

You can choose a spiritual guide to be with you, it can be a loved one who has passed to spirit, it can be your guardian angel or favourite archangel, or you can opt for a guide or ascended master.

You find somewhere comfortable to sit and you close your eyes. As you make yourself comfortable, ask your chosen spiritual walking partner to call for you and accompany you on your spiritual walk.

Begin your session by moving your awareness into your third eye, and once you feel suitably relaxed, visualise yourself getting up out of your chair. Take a short while to get used to walking in your spiritual body and seeing with your spiritual eyes.

Walk around your room and notice the objects and things you have in your room and be aware of how the energy of those objects feel.

Notice and feel the texture of the furniture, the colours, pay close attention to all those little details.

When you're ready, make your way out of the room and to your front door. Before you open the door, ask your spiritual walking partner to be waiting for you.

Open your door and see your walking partner there. Walk with your partner and talk with them about how your life is going right now, allow your partner to talk with you and listen to them, talk with them, as you would if you were with a physical friend or loved one.

Reminisce if you want, talk about ordinary things, even what you had for breakfast.

Whenever you are ready to come back, ask your spiritual partner to return home with you.

Make your way back to your door, hug and thank your walking partner for their company, listening to you and being there in your time of need.

Open your door and enter your home. Move into the room where you are sat. See your physical self sat in your chair, return back to your body by sitting your spiritual body down in the chair and feel yourself move back into your physical body.

Take a nice deep breath and then open your eyes.

The more you practice this, the move you will get used to exploring in your spiritual body and the more guidance and support you can receive from spirit. This time walking with spirit enables you to be loyal to yourself, it allows you to express your needs, your fears, your day-to-day concerns in a safe and supportive environment, devoid of judgement and it does over a period of time strengthen you and builds your intuitive ability to talk and walk with your spiritual helpers.

With practice you will be amazed at the guidance you get, you can even, if you believe in God or Jesus, take a walk with them too. As you continue to practice this you will find your ability to access a higher state of consciousness rapidly becoming easier and easier, so if you haven't already, please consider how loyal you are to yourself.

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