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Isn't it strange how our minds judge whatever we are doing, having, or experiencing as good or bad?

When we have challenges we either view them as easy or difficult. However our lives are not what they appear to be, we are not living in linear time, everything is circular, sometimes we experience a low cycle and at other times a higher cycle.

When we are experiencing a low cycle, we are at a stage where something is breaking away so that we can break through to another level, be it of understanding or physically.

Those higher cycles offer us opportunities to see things from a divine perspective, to glean more of what is unfolding and the opportunities that present to us.

To remove suffering, rather than view things as good, bad, slow, fast, just view them as what is, for what is, is a part of your unfolding evolution. In that moment of understanding what is, just beam out energies of love, this removes the limits your thoughts creates and sets the energies for what is to come and be experienced. This brings a sense of peace because at the core of your being you realise that all is unfolding perfectly as it is meant to be.

For today, choose to beam out energies of love.

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