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Energy Shifts - What Are They and Are You An Empath?

It has been a really tough year for so many of us and sadly, it isn't over yet by a long chalk. We often talk of spiritual energy shifts, but what energies are we talking about and where do they come from?

Firstly, everything is energy and energy is continually in motion. This means that the multiverse, (Yes, there is more than just one universe), is continually moving. As the energies in far-out space move and shift, it affects the energy balance within space, which in turn ricochets through time and space. Sometimes these energies are positive, other times they may be negative. As the energies push and pull they affect our Earth's atmosphere and in turn, our own energy fields.

As our energy fields are impacted, this affects our own physical, emotional and mental balance. The energy shifts affect our weather, the plant and animal kingdom and humans. Generally, most people who are non-spiritual have little awareness that these energy shifts are taking place. However, if like me, you're sensitive to energies, you will feel these energy shifts impacting on your senses. For example, you may feel particularly happy or anxious. You may struggle with noise. Sometimes you can tell if there is less oxygen in the atmosphere. You may feel an urge to withdraw from the company of others. From changes in temperature to physical symptoms, if you're sensitive to energy changes it can be a blessing and at other times a big pain in the bottom.

By having an awareness of the energy shifts when they happen or are about to happen, you can find it easier to understand how to work with the energy streams and how they affect the world in general. Being mindful of energy changes helps you to develop greater tolerance, patience and kindness when those around you seem to be experiencing a particularly negative mood or feeling irritated.

Energy shifts occur all the time. On a daily level, we are affected by lunar and solar energies. We can also be affected by the mass consciousness energy of humans in our local vicinity. For example, you may wake up feeling on top of the world, but when you get to work, you notice how negative and heavy the energies feel when you walk into work and this affects your demeanour, behaviour and general emotional well-being.

Eclipses are well known to also affect behaviour and if you're into astrology, you will be well aware that the movement of the planets can also impact on your ability to navigate your life's journey.

When we experience a cosmic, solar or lunar energy shift it is natural for our instinctual behaviour to change, with that in mind, this article is written to help understand what energy shifts are and how to be aware of them.

Here are a few symptoms of someone experiencing an energy shift: -

01 - URGES - When we experience an energy shift on a positive level, we feel driven or motivated to take action. That action can be anything from being more decisive, choosing to move house or change your career. It can even give you the impetus to ditch those people in your life who don't really resonate with you anymore.

02 - SENSITIVE HEARING - During energetic shifts, it can be possible to find public areas, traffic or sounds impacting on your hearing. You may feel as though people are talking too loud, that everything around you seems amplified. This is one of the most common experiences when you are picking up energetic shifts.

03 - TASTE OR DIETARY ISSUES - Another symptom for some people is that they find their taste changes. It could be that they normally indulge in sweet foods but crave salty foods instead or vice-versa. They find they experience a period where they don't want to eat food as it sits too heavy in their stomach. This can, if you're dieting, be a godsend when you are normally prone to a case of the nibbles. Jokes aside, this is one of the main symptoms of someone advancing along their spiritual path.

04 - HEADACHES - ACHES & PAINS - Another common symptom when the energies are more negative or low is flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can range from a bad headache to migraines, aching limbs. The symptoms can be so strong it is quite easy to think you're coming down with flu, but as quickly as they appear, they disappear.

05 - MOOD SWINGS - When we have a positive energy shift take place, we are often happier and helpful towards others. We feel more compassionate and generous towards others. When we experience negative energy shifts, we may feel more irritated and disconnected from others. Alternatively, you may find you are fine one minute then become aware of feeling overwhelmed or lost.

06 - ILLUSIONS/VISIONS - It is quite possible during energy shifts to be aware of things that others can't see. Perhaps as you are in the middle of something you see something out of the corner of your eye and when you turn, you find there is nothing there. You may have strong premonitions or perhaps you begin to see a specific animal keep crossing your path, or number sequences such as 1:11 or 22:22. Things like this are very important as they are usually a message from the universe that will support you in what you are currently experiencing. They can have a lot of symbolic meaning about your current situation or spiritual journey.

07 - FEELING SPACED OUT - Sometimes if you are hypersensitive to the energy shifts, you may feel as though you are in a vacuum where a sound is heard as muffled or tinny. Time seems to be slowed down. Perhaps the time on one particular day seems to go excruciatingly slow and another day it passes at warp speed.

08 - HEIGHTENED INTUITION - If you have been developing your psychic abilities or you meditate, during strong energy shifts it is possible to be more aware of the spirit world around you. Communication with spirit may be much easier than on other days. Your third eye may hurt or feel as though it is throbbing.

These are just a few of the symptoms we may experience when energies within the multiverse change. The good news is that the more aware you are of those energies, the more you can use them to your advantage.

For example, if you are experiencing a day where the energies seem subdued, this is a great time to step back, reflect and revise any plans you may have. Physically and emotionally you are being called upon to go with the flow and not push against or resist what is unfolding. During these times, it is a good idea to become a voyeur of the world. Watch, listen and learn.

When the energies are more buoyant, driving, inspiring, these are days in which to take action, complete tasks and make those changes which need to take. Learn to use those energies to give you the strength, courage and support to achieve what you want and need to do.

By learning to be aware of your own energies and the energies around you, you will find your relationships, your desires and abilities improve the quality of your life. If you're into manifesting, then even better, because recognising when the universe is driving you forward onto greater things you will find your manifesting abilities really strong.

If, on the other hand, you really want to develop your own intuitive abilities and perhaps expand on your own spiritual growth, learn to harness those softer energies when they support reflection, awareness and softness.

© Jill Harrison - AngelMessenger 2020

P.S. Have you experienced any symptoms like these? If you have any questions about this post, feel free to ask a question.

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