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00 - Core Soul Matrix Programme

This plan entitles you to access the Core Soul Matrix programme modules and all handouts, videos and mp3's which accompany this course.

What is this Core Soul Matrix Programme?

Unlocking Your Soul Core Matrix ~ Finding Your Bliss

A Spiritual Coaching Program by Trance-Channel Jill Harrison to help you unlock your soul's ability to manifest and create anything so you live a joyful and abundant life easily and with purpose! Since time began, humans have sought to understand their soul, the universe and the purpose of being. Despite the vast amounts of information available to us through our technology, we are still striving to fill that spiritual void that causes us to feel separate, isolated, frustrated and lost when it comes to our own soul's journey. Are you struggling to feel aligned with your own soul's purpose? Are you looking to improve the depth of your connection with the universe, but struggling to make the connection feel 'real' or the time to actually do anything spiritually? If you answered “Yes” to either of the above, then you’re not alone and there is a solution to the issues you’re facing. This program offers serious spiritual seekers real solutions if: -

  • You feel stuck in your soul’s journey

  • You struggle to align with your own spiritual nature

  • You want to feel spiritually connected, but find every step you take is hit and miss

  • You are frustrated with manifesting and struggle to understand why it isn’t working

  • You struggle with how to achieve enlightenment

  • You desire to demystify what your soul is, why you’re here at this time and what is required to achieve enlightenment

You see, without understanding who you are, where you came from and why you’re here it can be really hard to get to grips with creating a life of purpose, and how to create a life that brings to you everything you want and need. If you’re tired of meditating, praying, asking the universe and finding everything you’re doing not working, something has to change. You see, if you keep doing the same thing, the results will always be the same. This program offers you an opportunity to go beyond everything you have ever known. This program goes beyond what ‘human’ teachers can bring to the table, instead it brings you spirits perspective of how the universe works, your role in the universe and how to become an enlightened AND empowered being who find it easy to stand in their DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY. In this program, Jill Harrison is going to teach you everything that spirit has taught her about the journey of the soul, reality and humanities place in the universe. Jill is going to reveal the secrets of the universe that help you realign with your authentic spiritual self, and she will guide you through easy exercises to help you know how to change your vibration, your reality and your life. As each module of this program guides you effortlessly in how to be a Divine Creator, you will begin to see how easy and quickly you align with your soul’s needs. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Understanding the Laws of Creation - Archangel Metatron - Crown Chakra - Uncover how the seed of creation comes into being and the essential key elements to creating reality and what you want. Learn why thinking and visualising doesn't manifest your dreams into reality. Understanding How the Universe Reciprocates - Archangel Haniel - Third Eye Chakra - Tap into the power of being able to see different realities and recognise distortion in your reality. Explore the darker and deeper aspects of your own soul and what it is 'really' connecting to. How To Harness The Energy of Creation - Archangel Uriel - Throat Chakra - Release yourself from fear and struggle by learning to recognise what vibrationally you are creating and if it is aligned with what you’re thinking. Tap into the ability to understand how your own vibration works with the energy of creation. Controlling the Rhythm of the Universe - Archangel Chamuel - Heart Chakra - Is your life in balance? Are you in congruence with the rhythm of the universe? Explore and learn how you limit or increase the flow of creation. Your emotions are powerful tools that accelerate or decrease your manifesting abilities, explore how your heart is a portal that controls the timing of your evolution. Understanding the Effects of Creation - Archangel Zadkiel - Solar Plexus Chakra - Do you find life hard, sad, frustrating? Uncover how to change/control the outcome of everything through your solar plexus chakra. Developing a Magnetic Response with the Universe - Archangel Michael - Sacral Chakra - Aligning with the rhythm of your soul determines your magnetic fields of manifestation. Explore how to use your own divine power to access those keys of manifestation. How To Access A Congruent Response from the Universe - Archangel Gabriel - Root Chakra - Find out what leads you to enlightenment. Develop your ability to move from unenlightened to enlightened. Explore your own divine power to create new realities and transcend the ones you’re experiencing. This program offers you a chance to creating lasting results in your own spiritual and personal journey in the shortest time possible. Gain trance-channelled insights and life-changing information from spirit on how to profoundly alter your reality and perception of self. Unlocking your Core Soul Matrix gives you the freedom to be your authentic self by unlocking the matrix which guards your soul, and helps you to remove once and for all, the mysteries of the universe, the fear, and the lack of validation which creates loneliness and feelings of isolation most humans feel when they are not in tune with themselves and the universe. Unlocking your Core Soul Matrix contains the tools and knowledge you needto help you release yourself from all psychological, emotional and physical blockages that create negative situations and experiences. Unlocking your Core Soul Matrix runs for Seven Weeks with 2-hourly modules to help you learn about how you and the universe work. How This Program Benefits You This program offers you an ability to seriously develop your own spiritual knowledge. With SEVEN 2-hour modules full of knowledge and exercises to help you gain a higher awareness and full knowledge of the transcendent soul. That's 1- HOURS of unique training from spirit that will rapidly impact on your ability to become enlightened. It offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly understand your purpose, your power and how to access the abundance of the universe. Unlock your soul and truly see who you are, and what you are currently becoming. SIGN UP TODAY!

Module Duration - 2 hours per session The Live Events take place or took place on: -

Module 1 - Nov 3, 2021 @ 7pm UK Time - Understanding and working with the laws of creation Module 2 - Nov 10, 2021 @ 7pm UK Time - Working with the Reciprocal Universe Module 3 - Nov 17, 2021 @ 7pm - Decoding the energy of the Universe Module 4 - Nov 24, 2021 @ 7pm - Tapping into the Rhythm of Creation Module 5 - Dec 01, 2021 @ 7pm - How to change the law of cause and effect Module 6 - Dec 08, 2021 @ 7pm - Working with the magnetic response of the universe Module 7 - Dec 15, 2021 @ 7pm - Finding your bliss through universal unity


Jill Harrison is the UK’s No1 trance-channel for the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Starseed beings of light. She is often referred to by other healers, channels and spiritual teachers, as the ‘Teachers, teacher’. Jill has a very down-to-earth approach when if comes to approaching spirituality and working with energies. Each facet of Jill’s teachings have been specifically channelled through her by the spirit realm to help others in gaining a greater insight into their own personal and spiritual growth. Over two decades ago, Jill, with her husband Glenn ran a highly successful six-figure income through their corporate training company. However, a world changing event impacted on their journey which meant Jill and Glenn were guided away from the corporate world and into the realm of spirit. Although Jill had been a psychic/clairvoyant/medium since the age of 16, in 2005 Jill’s trance and channelling work with spirit began and since then, Jill has helped thousands of people around the world find their purpose, their authentic self and been an intrinsic part of helping them to tap into the potential that lies within them. TRAINER CREDENTIALS

  • Authored over 90 trance-channelled guided meditation CDs and co-authored 7 books.

  • Studied at the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences

  • Toured the UK, Europe, USA & Japan as a spiritual keynote speaker

  • Worked as a columnist for Sedona Journal of Emergence in the USA

  • Has over 42 years experience as a psychic/clairvoyant/healer.

  • Has taught spiritual studies for over 16 years

  • Co-founded over eight successful companies including and teaching angelic communication, channelling, healing, psychic and spiritual development in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan.

  • Program Highlights Include

    • How to assess where your vibrations are aligning you

    • The way to connect with your divinity

    • How to connect with your soul and understand it’s needs

    • Learn about the way you work with energies and how they influence your vibration

    • Understand why thinking doesn’t equate to manifesting

    • Learn how to change reality and outcomes

    • How to explore different realities

    • Connect with your ability to see the universe’s version of who you are

    • See and understand the distortions of our own reality

    • Gain the knowledge to help you access your Divine power

    • Understand what you’re constantly creating without being aware you’re doing anything

    • Discover how to create balance and control the time it takes to manifest

    • Uncover how to read the signals of the universe and use them to your advantage

    • Constantly feel the vibration of the universe and stay aligned with it

    • Be able to read frequencies and what you need to experience from them

    • Know where you vibration is and how to use it to change outcomes

    • Recognise the magnetic reflex of the universe and how to use negativity as a portal to move you beyond where you are

    • Tap into the portals of the universal flow which exist in and through your chakras

    • Understand the process of life and the opportunities of being eternal

  • Not Sure This Is For You? Consider this: - How much time and effort have you put into your spiritual and personal development so far, without getting the results you want? How much money have you spent on books, crystals, readings, coaching or classes hoping to find that ‘golden nugget’ of information that was going to change and transform your life? How many dreams have you had which have fallen by the wayside, and how has that affected you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? How much time have you lost/wasted, going from one youtube video and social media post to another, to try to magically change your life without success? This program offers you the keys to transformation, however if you ‘think’ this isn’t going to work for you and you keep doing the same things, then you have to expect the same results and nothing will ever change. This program offers you unique knowledge from spirit’s perspective to help you understand your place in the universe and how to manifest and change the life you’re experiencing into one of abundance, joy and bliss. This programme was offered by spirit to those souls who really want to achieve enlightenment and show 100% commitment to their own soul’s growth. If you feel this will be beneficial and help you take the only step you’re ever going to need to finally 'get it', book your place now!

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