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How To Read Angel/Oracle Cards

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How To Read Angel/Oracle Cards
How To Read Angel/Oracle Cards

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19 mar 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT

Zoom OnLine Event


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There's more to reading angel/oracle cards than looking at the messages on them or learning from a book!

Come and get a lot more out of your angel/oracles cards intuitively and let spirit speak to you through them with information that relates to you.

There are hundreds of different angel cards available in shops these days, but so many people are unaware of how many levels of information and guidance lie within each card. One of the problems of just relying on the booklet or message printed on the card is that you are very limited to those few words. It also means that every time you pull this card, you, or the person you read for, get the same message every time, and you get tired of listening to the same message again and again. It doesn't however have to be this way.

Learn how to receive specific messages from the Angelic Realm. Let Jill Harrison help you discover: - 

  • How to use your angel cards for personal guidance.
  • How to relate angel/oracle cards to relationship issues.
  • How to use your angel cards for healing.
  • Different spreads for different levels of guidance.
  • How to set yourself up as a professional reader.
  • What you need if you're going to read for others.

Treat yourself to a journey into spiritual divination. In these fun-filled action-packed webinars, explore the world of angels and spirit. Experience an angelic attunement which will align you with your angels and cards.

We'll then show you how your angels communicate with you, and how to translate the angelic messages communicated to you, from the angelic realm .

During the webinars, you'll learn how easy it is to read from your cards, intuitively and accurately. We'll show you how to cleanse your cards, get daily guidance and we'll even show you how to read your cards for animals too. 

Join us and get to know your cards and how to access the messages from the spirit world. We also cover how to protect yourself from negative energies whilst opening yourself up to spirit, along with some of the universal laws that govern what you and your angels can and can't divulge.

Best of all, you'll learn readings such as: - 

  1. Angelic daily guidance - how to uncover the energies that will affect you today.
  2. Guardian Angel - Discover what underlying issues from your past are holding you back.
  3. Spiritual Gifts - Discover the best way to connect and use your spiritual gifts.
  4. Archangel Card - Uncover what you need and your current challenges.
  5. Relationship Insight - Find out about your love life, your relationship karmic challenges and the best way to find happiness and love.
  6. What Your Angels Want You To Know - Let your angels guide you on what to place your focus on.
  7. New Love - How to meet your soul mate.
  8. Life Purpose - Discover your life purpose
  9. Animal Guidance - Discover how you can understand pets
  10. Personal Development - Gain insight into energies, habits and behaviours that help or hinder your life's journey.


Due to the nature of this class, places are limited to offer the opportunity for interaction and one-to-one coaching for all students. All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.  Feel free to use your own card deck or if you prefer, join Jill as she uses, Ask An Angel cards by Toni Salermo

NOT CONVINCED? Here are a few student's comments that may help you with your decision...

"I found all of it useful and interesting. Jill gives so much information and is very approachable if you're unsure about anything!" - Sheila C.

"I loved everything. I found all of it useful and interesting. Jill explains everything so that it can be understood easily and she makes it a fun experience." Sara L.

"This class is really inspirational. Most interesting to learn about all the symbols and meanings of the cards. I am starting to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together!" - Janet J

"I use my angel cards regularly, but now I see how I can get so much more out of them. What was most useful was learning about the different spreads and layouts. I have lots of new ideas, another fantastic learning experience." Elaine B.

"I found this excellent because of the encouragement and knowledge given. I feel I have learnt to trust my intuition." Sue C.

"Jill is a fantastic teacher and made the class very very interesting. Jill showed us that we can do it and she built out confidence" Beverley B.

"I learnt so much more than I thought I would. Jill always delivers a first-class session. Always so accurate and honest I would love to be able to attend more regularly." Kristyna H.

"Extremely thorough tuition. Jill has a wealth of experience in interpreting the meaning of the symbolism in the angel cards and explains this to others in a meaningful way." Kathryn R.

This class was outstanding, thanks for the fun, laughter and wealth of experience to take home and grow." Linda G

Excellent handbook and delivery. Absolutely brilliant teacher! I loved the questions and answer sessions, I could listen to Jill for hours. Great sense of humour." Liz G

"This is a very uplifting experience. The energies were strong and yet very gentle at the sme time. This was a very informative class" Kathryn C.

"Every aspect covered with in-depth knowledge of subject. Each question answered with truth - no beating about the bush. Wish I had done this course years ago" Keith O.


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