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Online Master Class

The Power of Psychokinesis & Fear - Understanding Energy & Energy Attachments

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The Power of Psychokinesis & Fear - Understanding Energy & Energy Attachments
The Power of Psychokinesis & Fear - Understanding Energy & Energy Attachments


2023年10月24日 19:30 – 21:00 GMT+1

Online Master Class



Psychokinesis is often thought of as a psychic ability where a gifted person has the ability to manipulate and move energy around them, but did you know that everyone has psychokinetic abilities? And, what if, without being aware of those abilities, we are allowing our own psychokinetic abilities to manifest negative energies that impact our daily lives to the point where we feel and believe we have a negative energy attachment or block?  

It's very easy when life isn't working to look outside of ourselves and blame others for dumping their negative and toxic energies on us, but what if, it is actually our own psychokinetic abilities that are manipulating the energies and feeding the problems or fears we have? Do we have the ability to transform and manipulate that energy into something more powerful? The answer is yes.

The power lies in learning how to use our greater awareness of our own psychokinetic ability and whilst there are lots of classes available to help you develop your own clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentient skills, very few teachers are around to help you understand psychokinesis. 

In this informative 90-minute online class we're going to be exploring psychokinesis and how that impacts our lives in a multitude of ways without us being aware of it. Psychokinesis is at the core of our manifesting abilities, and it is at the core of our own vibrational signature.  Students can join in with questions and discussion of how to work with their psychokinesis to bring about a happier and fulfilling lifestyle, whether that is a deeper spiritual connection with the world of spirit, or on a psychological level a feeling of greater confidence or inner strength or in the physical world a clearer understanding of the power of energy and thought to bring about clarity in defining life's choices and experiences.

Join us for a fun but informative class and pinpoint where your psychokinetic energies are being utilised the most and how to master energy manipulation. Explore your deepest fears, areas of your life that aren't working, and how they affect your psychokinesis abilities.

This online class is suitable for everyone and no psychic ability or prior spiritual training is required.

Class Itinerary

  1. What is Psychokinesis
  2. How Psychokinesis is impacted by fear
  3. How psychokinetic are you?
  4. Why we should develop our psychokinesis
  5. How to use psychokinesis to manipulate negative energies and thought patterns
  6. Where in our lives do our psychokinetic energies need to be utilised the most
  7. Summary and student Q&A session.


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