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Webinar - Zoom Event

Starseed Mediumship

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Starseed Mediumship
Starseed Mediumship


2023年8月15日 19:30 – 21:30 GMT+1

Webinar - Zoom Event



Learn The Art of Starseed Mediumship

Throughout the years of my work, I have met many starseed humanoids who are deeply lost or confused about their purpose or who long for some form of reconnection with their starseed family. Often Starseed feel lonely, misunderstood and lost in a world they find really difficult to relate to.

It was during a psychic mediumship reading session with one particular client five years ago that I realised that mediumship isn’t just about contacting loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. During this psychic mediumship reading a starseed guide made their presence known and wished to reunite my client with their starseed family. It was a very insightful reading because it opened up a whole new world of remembrance for my client and an awakening to the possibilities that lay before them here on Earth. My client left feeling a completely changed person and it was this which brought me into teaching starseed mediumship.

Often mediumship is considered as talking to dead people. However, mediumship, for me, means being the mediator between your client and someone else. This someone else can be a guide, an angel, an ascended master, but it can also be a starseed family member or guide of your client too.

Whilst many people get confused about channelling and mediumship, realistically, it’s all energy. It’s only the purpose that is different. For example, a psychic works intuitively with the energies of someone who is alive. A medium or a channeller is someone who works with the realm of spirit or beings in the astral realm.

The aim of a starseed mediumship reading is to provide your client with information about their starseed family or guide and provide them with a starseed spiritual assessment. Having a starseed mediumship reading assists earth-bound star seeds in understanding their starseed abilities and helps them find focus, purpose, validation and empowerment.

So in this programme, we will explore the difference between working with star seeds psychically and on a mediumship level. We will look at areas of information that help you create an anchor point for your client so that they leave their session with you feeling encouraged, clear, positive and armed with choices of what they can do next in terms of their own life’s journey.

Being able to offer Starseed mediumship readings isn’t for everyone. We all work at different levels as spirit communicators, but if you would like to add a different level to your own spiritual services or merely want to communicate for your own personal use. This particular programme will help you understand your abilities as a spirit communicator and how to bring all the elements required in a reading together to form a framework in which you can bring forward guidance, evidence and support for your client.

Often star seeds come for readings because they are seeking reassurance that they are on the right path and looking for what the next step is in terms of their earthly mission.

Many star seeds suffer from feeling lost or blocked. Having a starseed mediumship reading helps to validate their abilities, experiences and interests, so they feel less blocked and unsure. A starseed mediumship reading also offers your client the opportunity to discover new potentials they perhaps were unaware of and how to progress.

A starseed medium is there as a spiritual guidance counsellor to assist star seeds, so they no longer feel alone, misunderstood or unsupported. It is a very privileged gift we bring to others.

One of the biggest blocks we have to work on a medium level is determining whether what you’re getting is you or spirit.

Mediumship works at its best when there is no conscious effort to interfere with communication. By joining this programme, you’ll get to explore how to remove the mind out of the way and allow communication from the multiverse to flow so that you can develop a tried and trusted approach in being able to give starseed

Module 1 – Psychic or Medium?  – It’s all energy, but the purpose is different, how to understand and manage your own intuitive energy. During this module we will explore how to build your power to link with your own starseed guide.

Module 2 – Building your energies to work with Starseed guides In this module, we will practice establishing a link and how to invite a starseed communicator for information.

Module 3 – Gathering Evidence and Information from Starseed Guides - We will look at all the different types of information you can give your client and how to put together a starseed spiritual assessment.

Module 4 – Meeting the expectations of your Sitter (Lecture and reading practice) - In Module 4 you’ll practice reading for other students and exploring your potential as a starseed medium

The programme is very hands-on in terms of working and practising your art. Therefore during the class, you will mostly work with other students to practise and perfect your own techniques.

If you’ve been looking for a new direction then explore your mediumship abilities. This class will assist you in expanding your ability to help others receive guidance from the world of spirit and starseed beings.

The whole aim of this program is to be able to offer starseed mediumship readings which bring healing, guidance and support to others.

Mediumship is as much about the discovery of our own self and true nature as it is the ability to communicate with other realms. If you’re looking for mediumistic skills which make a real difference and improve the lives of others, including your own, then make sure you secure your place today and I look forward to helping you explore the wonderful world of starseed communication.

All students will have the opportunity to explore and develop their mediumship with practical exercises to help you:

  • understand and explore intuitive/psychic/mediumistic abilities
  • experience connection with the Spirit World
  • experience the different senses or clairs: clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience
  • understand the role of a starseed medium
  • understand what to do in a sitting and how to meet the needs of your client

Limited places available. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Module 1: 15 March 2023 @ 7pm London Time

Module 2: 22 March 2023 @ 7pm London Time

Module 3: 29 March 2023 @ 7pm London Time

Module 4: 05 April 2023 @ 7pm London Time

Programme Pre-Requisites:

Just as you cannot learn a language without talking to someone, the same rule applies to these modules. Each student will be required to be visible on camera and talk with other students for the purpose of sharing those exercises and experiences which help you to hone your ability to give a starseed spiritual assessment for each other. These exercises are fun and a great way of helping you learn and grow in a fun and involved way. We therefore request that all students commit to attending the four module live sessions. 

Please ensure you read the following terms and conditions: - cannot be held responsible for power outages at your end nor for your equipment failure. You will not be entitled to a refund or transfer. operates a zero-tolerance policy regarding physical or verbal abuse towards students or tutors in the zoom class.

Privacy Notice. No cameras or other filming or video/audio recording equipment can be used to capture audio/visual of the people or class content.

AngelMessenger will record all modules, and by registering for this programme, you give us permission to use this video and audio recording for the purpose of safeguarding.

Any recordings of this programme will never be broadcasted except to those participants taking place.

Content of all audio and visual recordings remains the copyright of the and may not be used for public or commercial purposes, unless prior permission is sought.

Any public use without written permission of all participants, whether or not for gain, will constitute a breach of GDPR and Copyright Laws. reserves the right to record for safeguarding purposes (Safeguarding definition:n general, where there are safeguarding concerns regarding an adult, the following should be recorded: a full assessment including past incidents, concerns, risks and any patterns, as abuse and neglect often arise over a period of time.) Audio/visual recording would only be initiated if there were a problem in the class and used as evidence to take any appropriate action.

Only has authorised access to recordings. All recordings are managed and maintained within the UK legal guidance of GDPR.

The tutor has the full right to remove anyone from the class without reason being given.

No refund will be given for missed sessions or due to attendee equipment failure or confusion with time zones.

No refunds are given for failure to turn up for class. 


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