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Soul Healing with Lord Sananda

Are you ignoring the callings of your soul?

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Soul Healing with Lord Sananda
Soul Healing with Lord Sananda


2023年2月07日 19:00 GMT

Zoom Online Meeting



Have you ever felt called to be or do something?

Do you have physical health issues that indicate you're not listening to your soul?

When we ignore our soul, the only way for our soul to get our attention is to create physical symptoms that we can't ignore. Perhaps you experience a lot of back pain because, on an emotional and soul level, you feel you're carrying too much responsibility.  Perhaps you have skin inflammations because, on a deep soul level, you're irritated with some aspect of your life.

If you have a habit of not embracing change because you feel scared that you'll lose the security you have or you really struggle to make decisions. Join Ascended Master Lord Sananda and learn how to listen to the promptings of your soul. 

In this educational event, we will be exploring what happens on a soul level when we avoid our soul's promptings and try to avoid change.  During this event, we will enter into a 7th-dimensional altered state of consciousness to link with Ascended Master Lord Sananda for guidance and understanding of what our soul is trying to teach and bring to us. 

  • During this session, learn how to open, balance and charge important soul energy points. 
  • Explore on a soul level with your life is moving forward or stagnating.
  • Uncover what your soul really wants to do.
  • Explore why you feel separate from the spirit world
  • Discover what may be blocking you from manifesting.

Work with Lord Sananda to discover what you're doing that conflicts with your soul's calling. Get guidance from Lord Sananda on what decisions you need to make in your life right now. Experience divine healing from Lord Sananda to resolve your issues.  Find out why you incarnated upon the earth at this time.

This is a profound and powerful healing session with Lord Sananda, so if you're ready to open your heart and allow Lord Sananda to reside within you and bring you healing, book your place today. 


  • Soul Healing with Lord Sananda

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