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jue, 07 sept


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Channelling Spirit - Opening To Channel

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Channelling Spirit - Opening To Channel
Channelling Spirit - Opening To Channel

Horario y ubicación

07 sept 2023, 19:00 GMT+1 – 30 nov 2023, 21:00 GMT

zoom online meeting

Acerca del evento

Learn How To Channel Spirit

Have you been looking for a channelling course that can help you quickly and easily develop your channelling abilities?

If so, this channelling course will help you learn how to become a better channel.

It doesn't matter what level of psychic development or spiritual development you are at, this course will help you accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

In this 12 Part channelling course, we will be covering the following topics to help you learn how to channel spirit for personal and spiritual development.

This course will cover: -

  1. What channelling is and isn't
  2. How to channel different levels of consciousness
  3. How to prepare to channel
  4. Factors that affect your ability to channel
  5. Common problems when channelling
  6. Understanding channelling language
  7. The do's and don'ts of channelling information
  8. Making the connection
  9. Building your connection
  10. Understanding and working with your own energy
  11. Finding your power
  12. The importance of opening and closing your sessions
  13. Developing trust in yourself and spirit
  14. Attuning to the different frequencies
  15. What to expect the first time you try to channel
  16. Differentiating between your own thoughts and spirit information
  17. How to use symbols
  18. How to use colours
  19. How to use impressions
  20. Understanding the different levels of channelling
  21. Understanding spiritual links
  22. Purpose of channelling
  23. Spirit Guides
  24. The role of a spirit guide
  25. How to be aware of your guide
  26. How to channel your guide
  27. Structuring Your Channelling Session
  28. Getting spiritual evidence from your sessions
  29. Using channelling as means of healing
  30. How to create a strong channelling connection
  31. Using channelling for guidance and enlightenment
  32. Channelling Angels and Ascended Masters
  33. Using channelling for prediction
  34. Deepening your channelling experiences
  35. Using Channelling to give readings

Why Take This Channelling Course?

Learning to channel can help you not just spiritually, but also personally, it can help you with: -

Increasing self-trust

  • Improving your ability to communicate with others
  • Gaining insight into other people and their intentions
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Increase your sense of self-worth
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your ability to remain positive
  • Experiencing a more purposeful life
  • Increase your ability to navigate life more easily
  • Improve your ability to focus

The aim of this programme is to help you expand your consciousness to connect with spirit. You'll learn about the mechanics of channelling. We'll be discussing what you need to do in order to achieve a direct and strong link with spirit. You'll take part in exercises to help you expand your consciousness and develop your channelling abilities.

We will look at the common problems people have when it comes to working with spirit and how to overcome the issues should you encounter them. Along with overcoming any fears of spirit communication.

This programme will help you open yourself up to channelling and look at the options of how you further develop your channelling abilities. Here are just some areas you may wish to specialise in once you have completed this programme: -

  • Spirit Mediumship - Talking with loved ones in spirit
  • Channelling your higher-self for personal journeying and guidance.
  • Channelling angels and ascended masters
  • Automatic writing
  • Channelling energies and information to develop your healing abilities
  • Channelling past lives and reading the Akashic Records
  • Channelling Higher-dimensional beings for planetary ascension purposes
  • Channelling Ascended Masters for Spiritual Enlightenment.

This programme is designed to help you accelerate your channelling abilities and your spiritual growth.

Programme Contents: -

Each module will consist of: -

  1. A LIVE webinar class with Jill Harrison.
  2. A workbook for each module given with notes and guidance
  3. Home Study modules to be completed each month
  4. Any additional mp3 meditations or exercises that accompany the programme
  5. Access to recordings of classes.


  • Channelling Spirit

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